'The reason for doing this research is to better understand hidradenitis suppurativa also known as HS or acne inversa. HS involves skin folds and causes swelling of the skin and surrounding tissues pain and foul-smelling discharges. These changes normally occur in the armpits groin and under the breasts however they can occur anywhere.  'Effective treatment options are lacking. Recently clinical trials conducted by researchers from our lab found Brodalumab was an effective drug for this disease. Common treatments for HS include combinations of antibiotics retinoids and the biologic agent Adalimumab/Humira. Yet as these treatments are frequently unsatisfactory many severe patients eventually undergo extensive surgery to remove areas with active skin lesions. Still even after extensive surgery there may be a relapse of the disease in other areas. There is thus a great need to better understand the disease and the drivers of the inflammation in HS that will allow the develop of new therapeutics in the future.  'To do that we will enroll HS patients with different symptoms and severity levels. We will study their disease with one or more of the following assessment tools: blood testing skin biopsies skin tape-strips clinical assessment ultrasound tissue impedance microbiological sampling and clinical photography-before during and after therapy. However we will not be prescribing medication and will not take over patients' medical care.



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Between 18 and 99
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Accepts Healthy Volunteers

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Rockefeller University

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